The Turner Bridge Club Lymington

Bridge Groups



Easy Duplicate for competitive play with support if asked for. Every Monday from 1.30 for 1.45 to 4.45pm.

All levels welcomed. A host system operates.




From 1.45 pm until 5 pm in the Fuller Hall, please arrive as close to 1.30pm as possible.

A friendly Duplicate bridge session with a host system so that new people can come without a partner. The results of each session are posted on our website.




At the Turner Bridge Club . . . .

. . . We should like to remind members and guests that, for everyone to enjoy a good playing session, we must all show courtesy and consideration to others.

Greeting   When you are the first seated, be a good host.  A welcoming smile can be very soothing after a 'thrashing' at the last table.

Noise   One of the greatest enemies of concentration during play is noise coming from other tables.  What seems like quiet comments to you may be the last straw in breaking someone else's concentration and spoiling an important contract.

Post mortems   These should always be polite, brief, quiet and helpful.  If they are not . . . . . . please don't make them.

Compliments   Well played, Well done, Hard luck, A rough distribution, are always better received than Why didn't you get the trumps out first?

Director please   Always use the services of the director to assist in any difference of opinion over bidding, play or behaviour.  It will help sort out any problems quickly.  Remember, this is part of the director's role and he or she can put up with being criticised.  Your opponents are your friends to be played with again next time.

Ring Ring Ring   If you really must communicate with the other world, please use a Ouija Board or a mobile 'phone somewhere else.  In desperate circumstances, switch your 'phone to tremble before arrival  Then, if it rings, excuse yourself and answer it ouside the room.

Bon appetit   Some say bridge is only a game.  Whether it is, or whether it's not, please enjoy it.